Goodness you’ve grown.

When we started serving the fine people of Kansas City more than 70 years ago, the city was smaller, the cars were bigger, and the lingo a little more…“Golly”. The times, they have certainly changed.

What’s never changed, though, is how we do business. 

We’re picky about the details. The way you are when you know the way things should be done. Using fine, quality ingredients. Real eggs. Hand-picked onions fried in our secret batter. 85% lean steak burgers, the best you’ll find on this side of a white tablecloth. 

We’re a place for families. And young folks, and older folks, and anyone in between. For slurping a Skyscraper at midnight, or sliding in for morning coffee. Dates, meetings, catch-ups, birthdays, proposals…we’ve seen it all.

And all these years later, we still just think it’s an honor to serve Kansas City steakburgers that some call the best in the country, and to be a good, honest place for good, honest people.

So whether you’re an old friend or new. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from. Why don’t you come by sometime?

You’re always welcome at Winstead’s.